Certificate in International Auditing (Cert IA)

An ACCA Qualification for finance professionals

The certificate offers an introduction to the International Standards on Auditing (ISAs), covering the principles and application of ISAs through online tuition and objective assessment.

This ACCA qualification is structured in an accessible and user-friendly way that underlines key information and provides useful summaries. It examines and breaks down specific standards topic-by-topic. There are case studies which are based on real-life examples, many exercises, multiple-choice questions and sample answers for you to test your knowledge with as you progress through the course.

The course is also updated every year to make sure it stays relevant, and includes a topic by topic explanation of the specific ISAs. 

Course objectives

  • to help you understand how ISAs are used around the world
  • to examine the fundamental requirements of ISAs on a standard-by-standard basis
  • to provide guidance on how to use ISAs in practice with the aid of questions, case studies and exercises.

For Spanish speakers

The Certificate in International Auditing is also available for Spanish speakers