Relevant experience

It is important that you look for opportunities to help your trainee obtain experience in a relevant role or roles that will help them meet our practical experience requirement. Relevant work experience can be gained in organisations across all sectors of the economy.

A relevant role is where your trainee spends their time on activities and tasks that will help them achieve the required number and range of performance objectives. These activities and tasks could include:

  • accounting
  • financial and management reporting
  • financial management
  • financial and business analysis
  • performance management
  • audit and assurance
  • risk management
  • taxation
  • insolvency
  • forensics.

If their job includes only a small amount of accountancy and finance related work, it can count but only on a pro-rata basis. Similarly, the experience gained doesn’t have to be in a single role or in one continuous period – experience can be gained in part-time roles, secondments, job rotations, project work or by undertaking new responsibilities. Part-time experience would also count on a pro-rata basis.