Benefits for you

  • You can use this as an opportunity to raise your profile as a qualified finance professional, locally and globally within the accountancy sector;
  • Becoming an advocate can enhance your CV and LinkedIn profile;
  • Develop and enhance your personal development by promoting ACCA and the profession;
  • Use the experience to promote your own company and recruit new talent to your organisation;
  • Give something back and engage with your local community; and
  • Helping others creates a great sense of personal pride and achievement. 

Benefits for your membership body

At ACCA, we’re only as good and as strong as our membership. Getting involved in advocacy helps promote your skills and expertise as well as promoting us as your membership body. 

  • It’s good for ACCA’s ongoing development to have engaged, positive and proactive members;
  • Member stories, endorsements and testimonials are more credible and powerful to prospective students;
  • Working in collaboration with our members means we’ll continue to grow and develop and achieve our ambition as the world’s number one global professional accountancy body;
  • Advocacy is more likely to be effective in nurturing the next generation of professional accountants;
  • We can harness your power and expertise in particular subject areas to raise the profile of your membership and ACCA as an organisation; and
  • Help us to champion public value and highlight the important role we play in making a positive impact in changing people’s lives.

Our network of advocates

On the next page, you'll find some comments from existing ACCA advocates. Find out from your fellow members what's involved in giving something back