Waivers are considered if you have been off work for at least one month.

Waivers for long-term and/or serious illness, onerous caring duties for a close family member, maternity or paternity leave, unemployment, career breaks or if you are furloughed/off-work due to COVID19 are granted pro rata to the length of absence.

If you have onerous caring duties, we may grant a waiver of seven verifiable units regardless of whether or not you’ve had an extended absence from work.

You can apply for a waiver in any of the following ways:

  • Online

    Log in to your myACCA account and complete an online self-declaration.

  • By completing a CPD waiver application form

    Complete the CPD waiver application form (which you can download from the ‘related downloads’ section of this page) and email to members@accaglobal.com

In each case, please tell us why you’re applying for a waiver and list the dates you were absent from work.

Please also ensure that you keep a record of the supporting documentary evidence for three years, just in case it’s needed.

Please complete your annual CPD declaration as usual, even if you’re applying for a waiver. Only members on our retired register are exempt from undertaking CPD and making a declaration.

You can also apply for a waiver for a previous year, which may help to reduce any CPD shortfall you’re trying to make up.