• Sustainability reporting: the coming transformation in the public sector

    The campaign to counter climate change and other societal issues such as diversity, equity and inclusion is driving a shift to sustainability reporting. Public sector accountants will have to grapple with this change just like the private sector. Our experts look ahead to work expected from the International Public Sector Accounting Standards Board, and the lessons learned by organisations already implementing public sector sustainability disclosures.

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  • Ethical dilemmas in an era of sustainability reporting

    The rise of sustainability reporting around the world presents accountants with tough choices, many of them with an ethical dimension. This panel session will outline why ethics and independence remain important. Our experts will offer a summary of IESBA’s Ethical Code requirements including their work to ensure continued currency of the code in an era of sustainability reporting. The panel will then examine key ethical case studies and provide a checklist of common considerations for professionals as they confront sustainability reporting dilemmas in real-world situations.

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  • Preparing for sustainability reporting

    What data will businesses need in order to comply with sustainability reporting requirements, and how it can be sourced? This session will address the key issues and also explore the changes organisations are making to address business processes, technology, people and other financial and non-financial costs. We will also hear from the ISSB on what is coming next, including insights on the future workplan.

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  • Accounting for social responsibility: why it matters now and how to prepare

    A just transition to a more sustainable world needs to balance the economic, environmental and social value created by all businesses and organisations. Environmental aspects are under intense focus, but social considerations are integral to sustainability. And with societal expectations and regulation putting increasing pressure on entities to have robust social strategies in place, the accounting and finance profession must embrace this agenda now. 
    Join our panel of experts to explore:

    • why this matters to your business or organisation, and why it matters now
    • why this is so relevant to the accountancy profession and your future role
    • how this is changing the role of the CFO, and the rise of the ‘chief value officer’
    • how to start integrating the social agenda into your sustainability journey
    • what the practical challenges are and how to overcome them
    • new ACCA and BDO research findings: Chief value officer: the important evolution of the CFO
    • ACCA’s new report, Accounting for society’s values
    • how ACCA is Accounting for a better world.

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  • Green finance: have you got the knowledge every accountant needs?

    Accountants in all sectors are being called upon to inform, drive and embed sustainability strategies. Increasing regulation, public scrutiny and the imminent introduction of sustainability disclosure standards are adding to the pressure. This presents a great opportunity for accountants, yet our research indicates many still feel they lack the right skills and knowledge. Do you have what you need to stay relevant?

    Join our panel of experts to:

    • understand more about the green finance and sustainability skills you need 
    • find out about implementing and managing ESG strategies
    • explore how this will future-proof your career and bring new opportunities
    • hear about our new Green finance skills: the complete guide report
    • get tips and ideas on training and CPD in this area
    • find out how ACCA is driving ‘Accounting for a better world’. 

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  • IFRS sustainability standards: are you ready?

    Responding to the increasing investor demand for a global baseline of sustainability disclosures, the International Sustainability Standards Board (ISSB) was established at COP26. On 31 March 2022, the ISSB released two proposed standards for public consultation: a General Requirements for Disclosure of Sustainability-related Financial Information and Climate-related Disclosures. 

    These, and other international sustainability reporting standards to be developed by the ISSB, will spell a significant change for the accounting profession, as responsibility for sustainability reporting moves within the remit of finance and accounting professionals.

    Join Sue Lloyd, ISSB vice-chair; Esther An, chief sustainability officer, City Developments Limited; and Jane Fuller, fellow of the Centre for the Study of Financial Innovation, among other experts on this webinar to make sure that you’re prepared for this once-in-a-generation change for professional accountants, as we explore not only what you will need to do to comply with future reporting requirements, but also how you may become a force for positive change for businesses, society and the planet. 

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