Exam technique

Good technical knowledge is essential but it's not enough to secure a pass mark in SBL. The examining team want you to apply your knowledge in the context of the exam scenario and requirements. For the Strategic Business Leader exam you are also required to demonstrate the professional skills that employers deem as most in demand in the accountancy sector.


Exam technique includes planning how you will work through the exam, time planning, understanding and breaking down requirements, how to structure your answer and how to convert your plan into a final answer.

How to earn marks in SBL

Expert tutor Ashim Kumar shares his valuable insight to help you prepare for SBL. 

    September 2022 webinar recording

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September 2018 question debrief videos

Watch the following videos to hear an expert tutor debriefing a series of questions from the September 2018 SBL exam:

  • Question 1: Analysis of financial and non-financial issues 
    (YouTube | Streaming video)

  • Question 2: Critically evaluate the contents of a PID and recommend improvements 
    (YouTube | Streaming video)

  • Question 3: Discussion of ethics, assessment of control weaknesses and advantages of setting up a separate risk committee 
    (YouTube | Streaming video)

  • Question 4: Preparation of two slides discussing benefits of big data analytics and evaluation of a new business opportunity 
    (YouTube | Streaming video)