Gabriel LOW

Introducing Vintoria



Q: What’s unique about you?

A: English is my native tongue but I’m also fluent in Indonesian / Malaysian. I’m passionate about business and economic issues affecting the region, the digitalised economy, the future of work, innovation and SMEs.

Q: How would colleagues describe you?

A: Funny, joking all the time, but driven, forceful, very forward looking. Willing to call a spade a spade, even if the boss thinks it’s a beautiful cow.

Q: What does connection mean to you?

A: I’m a strong believer in connecting with people – and those who work with me will know that I’m happy to talk with anyone in the organisation, regardless of rank. Because of this, colleagues on the shop floor are willing to share their issues with me, knowing that I’ll try my best to solve them.

Q: How important is it to feel part of something bigger?

A: To be a part of a bigger dream and bigger commercial potential feels good – a stagnant organisation means a death spiral.