Sarah Whale

Introducing Sarah



Q: Tell us about your career highlights so far.

A: Qualifying with the ACCA with first-time passes having flunked my A Levels was a highlight. Seeing happy young children around my local town wearing the football kit from my coaching business after their training session. And a farewell speech delivered by one of my team when I left my last employed role. This young lady pushed herself out of her comfort zone and spoke eloquently with heartfelt comments.

Q: What difference do you bring to a business?

A: I’ve often been referred to as the voice of reason in a team. I can generally see a way through to overcoming a challenge or realising an opportunity. I’m pragmatic and a realist which helps during ongoing change.

Q: Got an example of connecting or collaboration?

A: Taking opportunities offered to me to speak to others has opened up many avenues over the past year. One particular highlight is becoming part of ‘sustainavistas’ which is a community of professionals who are very passionate and knowledgeable about sustainability. I now have a great resource of people who I can learn from and contribute to.

Q: How important is it to feel part of something bigger?

A: Working with others allows you all to learn, avoid repeating previous mistakes and ultimately speeds up progress of what you are all trying to achieve. Moving our world to a sustainable place requires significant change. The entire finance community must come together to support each other and drive this change.