Horace Gyles

Introducing Horace



Q: What difference do you bring to a business?

A: I practice an open-door policy to staff and clients. I share the vision of the firm and personally meet with clients to hear their concerns and provide answers. The direct contact is a huge thing for SMEs.

Q: What has your career journey been like so far?

A: It has been an interesting ride. Starting out as a sole practitioner in 2011 with just a handful of accounting clients and a couple audit clients, trying to establish the firm and developing a good reputation has been challenging. Then attracting staff and good clientele, that’s been a great journey.

Q: What has your practice struggled with since the pandemic?

A: Shifting to remote access and ethics issues such as allowing team members to take client information away from the office.

Q: How has technology and digitalisation helped you?

A: It has helped a whole lot as now we are using more technology in our workflow.