Robert Belle

Introducing Robert



Q: What difference do you bring to a business?

A: As a maverick I bring the joy and excitement of creative problem solving. I specialise in creating sustainable structures out of chaos. Augmenting the tools and techniques with fortification on the leader’s mindset to manoeuvre through the turbulence of change.

Q: Tell us your future ambitions.

A: 1) Help one billion people reclaim their stolen creativity through speaking, writing, podcasting, shortwave audio, YouTube and good old one-to-one connections. 2) Restore the accountancy profession to its “glory days” by leading the transformation of future accountants to have a positive social impact. 3) Become a global voice or ambassador for reformed education (or something similar that’s dear to me) and set up something that will outlive me.

Q: How would colleagues describe you?

A: Daringly charismatic. A firm leader that doesn’t entertain mediocrity. Someone who will push you to make that leap while holding your hand.

Q: How important is it to feel part of something bigger?

A: Critical for growth as being part of something bigger requires humility to learn from others even if they are lower in rank. It also requires the generosity to teach and to share with others and not merely going along for a free ride. Lastly, feeling a part of something big gives inner satisfaction of your contribution and creates something that is likely to have an exponential impact.