Bright Amisi

Introducing Bright



Q: What has your career journey been like so far?

A: My career has been a thrill journey. I started off as a young audit trainee, then shifted to managing finance after qualification before assuming senior finance roles across different industries. The biggest motivator has been and remains the satisfaction I get from solving business challenges.

Q: What future ambitions do you have?

A: I have always been fascinated by data and the hidden meaning. My future lies in integrating finance and data science to develop deeper insights and solve business challenges. I want to grow a data-driven practice that assists clients to manage, analyse and use their data assets.

Q: How would colleagues describe you?

A: Very courteous, helpful, smart, hardworking and high integrity. Humorous and committed to experiencing the torture and thrill of playing golf. My golf playing partners will know that I am either very sick or dead when I am absent from the Pretoria Country Club on a Saturday morning.

Q: What does connection mean to you?

A: Connection means fruitful relationships. Harnessing the power of your master mind group. It means combining forces and skills to create or achieve something bigger and better than when working alone.