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Our popular student podcasts are here to offer advice as you progress on your ACCA journey. From study and exam support with expert tutors, to careers tips from recruitment specialists… and a lot more in between.

Latest study and exams podcasts

Get ready for your Strategic Professional exams

Ruth Jones, an ACCA qualifications technical adviser, talks to us about how to best prepare for your Strategic Professional exams, including why underpinning knowledge is so important.

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Get ready for your Applied Skills exams

Andrew Finch, an ACCA qualifications technical adviser, talks to us about exam technique at the Applied Skills level.

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Applied knowledge exams – how to achieve success

Find out all you need to know about studying for the Applied Knowledge exams, including ACCA resources such as the Student VLC, ACCA's YouTube channel and study resources on the ACCA website.

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Expert advice to keep on

We talk to expert tutor Tom Clendon about how to keep your studies on track and how to learn from your exam experience.

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Never give up

We chat to ACCA member Chris Barrett to find out about his challenging journey to membership, including carrying on after multiple exam fails. Chris shares his advice for those of you who don’t pass first time.

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How to achieve success in PM

We speak to expert tutor Steve Willis about the best way to approach your Performance Management exam preparation. He discusses the underpinning knowledge required for PM, the structure of PM and how to manage your time effectively during the exam, and the topics covered in the exam.

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All you need to know about AA

We speak to expert tutor Erin Morton about the Audit and Assurance exam and discuss the underpinning knowledge needed for AA and how it differs from exams at Applied Knowledge level, as well as the exam structure and technique. Erin also shares her top tips for maximising marks.

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Planning your studies

Compass, ACCA's exam planning tool, will allow you to visualise your study year and take a snapshot of the likely planning, learning and final revision time required to successfully attempt the exams. Find out more in this podcast.

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Virtual Learning Centre

Find out about the ACCA Student Virtual Learning Centre and how it can help you get ready for your exams.

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ACCA's student YouTube channel

Find out how to make the most out of the ACCA student YouTube channel.

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Get connected

In the latest in a series of short podcasts, ACCA's Isobel Wroath provides a brief overview of the SA app and how it helps you as an ACCA student. 

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Preparing for exams

In the first in a series of short podcasts, ACCA’s Isobel Wroath provides an overview of the online 'Preparing for exams' hub, dedicated to helping you take the next step towards qualification.

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How to pass your exams

ACCA's Paul Kirkwood answers the questions on his ACCA journey and how being, in his words, 'a terrible student' helped him learn new techniques and improved his exam performance.

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Triple prize winner's advice

James Carew, triple prize winner from the March 2021 session, shares his advice for making the most out of online learning and how the Ethics and Professional Skills module really helped him with his Strategic Professional exams. 

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Being an ethical ACCA student

We speak to Joe Johnson, ACCA's director of professional conduct, to find out about her team and how an investigation into misconduct might occur, and also how our exams and processes make the ACCA Qualification respected by employers around the world.

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Latest careers advice podcasts

Don't forget to visit ACCA Careers, the global employability site for accountancy and finance professionals.

Sustainable change

We talk to the planning and innovation strategy leader at Cambridge Design Partnership, James Harmer, about the big changes occurring across all the major industries with regard to sustainability. We look at the circular economy and what it means for businesses and how finance professionals can be at the forefront of the transformation that is needed.

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Upskilling for the future

In this episode we catch up again with Tom Wood, a recruitment manager at Morgan McKinley, to discuss the post-pandemic landscape of accountancy careers. We explore what has and hasn't changed, how to upskill yourself for the future, how to succeed at on-screen interviews, along with the fundamentals of how best to present yourself to prospective employers.

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Overcoming obstacles

ACCA student and finance analyst at Legal & General Cecilia Tandi shares her story, goals and motivation, and offers advice to students on the journey to ACCA Qualification.

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The digital CFO with Chris Argent

We talk to Chris Argent of Generation CFO, an online network seeking to help finance professionals adapt, grow and remain relevant in a rapidly changing world.

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