Alastair Barlow

Introducing Alastair



Q: What has your career journey been like so far?

A: Pretty varied. I did an 18-month stint at a small firm to learn the basics, then three years (and qualified) with PwC in Manchester. Then three years in PwC Amsterdam focused on technology companies, three years in PwC Reading focused on oil & gas companies, four years in PwC London in consulting, ops finance team, improving finance functions for multi-nationals, another three years leading PwC My Financepartner in London and South East to now, founding flinder, a multi award-winning accounting, consulting and data analytics business.

Q: What difference do you bring to a business?

A: I think everyone brings their own passions, views and philosophy. Personally, I’ve been shaped by my PwC career which brings finance function excellence, sales consulting and the market insights that helped me develop flinder and create a new category of accounting.

Q: What’s unique about you?

A: Probably a question for someone else to answer. But maybe vision, belief and determination to strive for perfection.

Q: Got an example of connecting or collaboration?

A: Any one of the accounting events in the UK is a prime example – they are great opportunities to connect and I’m enthused by the amount of collaboration we see in the profession and wider industry to share ideas and truly help one another.

Q: How important is it to feel part of something bigger?

A: Much more so during testing times. A problem shared is a problem halved.