• AI and large language models: a non-technical introduction

    Large Language Models (LLMs), or Generative AI, were developed for translation of languages but turn out to be surprisingly effective in many other applications.

    In this webinar, experts will provide a general, non-technical introduction to the latest exciting development in this technology, how these models are created and how they work, and some of the opportunities and challenges associated with them. In addition, they will explore the risks that may arise, and discuss how ACCA members may make best use of the technology.

    We aim to provide you with high-level answers to the following:

    • What is AI and Machine Learning?
    • What are Large Language Models and how do these work?
    • What are their potential applications?
    • Are there problems or issues with using them?
    • What are the risks?
    • How should ACCA members who are sole practitioners or who work for small enterprises best make use of the technology?

    The webinar will be presented by Professor Peter McBurney and Dr David Kohan Marzagão, who both teach and undertake research in AI in the Informatics Department at King’s College London. 

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  • The evolution of AI In 2024: from curiosity to implementation

    Accountants need to understand the transformative role of artificial intelligence in business and finance as we step into 2024. In this session we cover: 

    • Automation in financial operations – exploring how AI-driven automation is enhancing efficiency and accuracy in financial tasks, from transaction processing to intelligent process automation (IPA). 
    • Risk assessment and fraud detection – how advanced AI methodologies are used in identifying risks and anomalies in financial transactions and how AI is reshaping risk management strategies. 
    • Streamlining business processes – AI's impact on optimising internal business operations, including supply chain management, HR functions, and customer relationship management. 

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  • Understanding the latest developments in conversational AI, including Chat GPT

    If you are interested in learning more about the latest developments in conversational AI, you will want to join our upcoming webinar on chat GPT, Google Bard and Bing Chat.

    These are three of the most advanced and popular chatbots that use different AI language models to generate natural and engaging responses.

    In this webinar, we will compare and contrast their features, capabilities, strengths and weaknesses, and show you some examples of how they can be used for various purposes.

    You will also have the opportunity to learn how this Chat Bots work and examples will be demonstrated on all 3 platforms.

    Don't miss this chance to discover the state of the art in conversational AI and how it can benefit you and your business.

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  • AI innovation and regulation: an artificial conflict

    As artificial intelligence sweeps the business landscape, professional accountants face balancing a pro-innovation attitude with a proportionate risk response. While organisations value the potential of AI, issues of accountability, ethics and trust need careful consideration. Our panel of experts will guide attendees through the maze of competing AI opinions and set out how a multi-stakeholder solution can ensure alignment between the benefits and risks of AI.

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  • Realising the future of finance with generative AI

    As the role of automation and AI technologies evolve, they will increasingly define the accounting landscape. Recent exciting developments around generative AI show that it can help lower existing barriers to the introduction of predictive and cognitive analytics to support various finance activities. Our panel will explore how generative AI can be used to enhance skillsets, implement new solutions, and the challenges that must first be confronted to ensure safe and ethical use.

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