The number of accountants who enter national or local finance & accountancy awards and national, is relatively low. Yet the benefits of entering, winning or at least being short-listed are far greater than you might imagine. The process of entering such competitions can be a great catalyst for promotion of you team, business or indeed, yourself! 

The most valuable objectives of winning awards are probably the raising of your profile among the business community and evidencing your credibility with prospective clients and employers. This exists from the time you decide to enter, to being shortlisted and well beyond the awards event.  

There are so many other positives that can come from entering awards:

  • boosting team morale
  • a chance to reflect on your work objectively – what are you, or your team doing differently from your competitors?
  • Attracting and retaining new team members
  • personal prestige
  • the associated PR – both locally and nationally
  • added credibility with business associates and networking contacts
  • reflecting on your success and achievements 

We could all find reasons to not put ourselves forward, it feels boastful, somehow cringe and not to mention the place where self-doubt and imposter syndrome could quiet easily take hold! But, as our members will agree, the benefits far outweigh the negatives.