This practitioners pack provides you with all the tools and resources you need to help promote your practice.

  • Using the ACCA logo

    ACCA members who hold a current valid practising certificate are entitled to use the ACCA logo. Using the ACCA logo in your communications with clients and marketing collateral you link yourself to our reputation of excellence and strong ethics. For more information and details on how to access the logo please visit Using the ACCA logo page.

  • Advertising

    You can download our advertising templates which you can use to market your practice to prospective clients.

  • Why use an ACCA qualified accountant?

    We have answered the question in a short, concise way that you can use to explain to prospective or existing clients why choosing an ACCA practicing member is in their best interests.

    'In the UK the term accountant is not protected by law, therefore anyone can call themselves an accountant.  Being an ACCA member means that you can have confidence that I am qualified to handle your finances, help your business grow and that I'm regulated by the leading accountancy body in the world.  The ACCA Qualification provides a wide ranging skill-set, which means I am trained to provide both strategic and operational input and adapt quickly to your changing management accounting needs.

    Unqualified persons, who have trained for book-keeping or tax only, simply aren't able to provide these other services as their skillset is too narrow.'

  • Recruitment

    With a new talent pool of 10,000+ verified ACCA candidates, employers are increasingly seeking a greater presence on ACCA Careers to enhance their profile in front of our high quality and ever-increasing audience. ACCA Careers have met this demand by developing 'Premium Microsites'. Unlike standard microsites which follow a template, Premium Microsites have the flexibility of a blank canvas - recruiters have the option to add videos, articles, surveys, sub-pages, webinars and much more. 

    If you are an ACCA approved employer ACCA Careers also provides you with a 20% discount to post job advertisements.  For more information on how ACCA Careers can meet your recruitment needs please visit the ACCA careers website.

  • Technical advisory service

    If you need help with a technical query, we have a dedicated technical advisory service for UK members. Please include your membership number when you email with your query.