ATOL registration

ACCA has reached an agreement with the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) to licence members as ATOL reporting accountants (ARA).

Further information is available here.

To register as a ARA a member must hold an ACCA practising certificate and have completed a professional examination covering assurance work as approved by the CAA (eg the Audit and Assurance (AA) exam or Advanced Audit and Assurance (AAA) or previous equivalents of ACCA’s professional examinations).

Members must also have successfully completed the online ATOL training module. To register for the training members are required to email and provide their name, professional body and membership number.

There is no fee for an ACCA member to register under the ARA scheme.

The firm must also apply to become a ARA firm. A firm must contain at least one ACCA principal and the fee in 2023 is £564 for each principal who is neither a member of ACCA nor licensed as an ARA by ACCA.

ACCA can also register individuals who are not members of ACCA. The fee for non-members in 2023 is £564.

Application forms for individuals and firms are available here.

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