pi-public-trust-tax-NZ Stat_570x430px 62% of people in New Zealand think it is important or very important for governments to cooperate with each other on tax policy to create a more coherent international tax system (G20 countries: 73%)

The G20 Public Trust in Tax (2017) survey was the first ever in-depth study of people’s views, across all of the G20 Nations, on tax and trust.

Our supplementary report examines New Zealanders' views and how they compare to those of people across the G20.

Results show people in New Zealand, and the G20 alike, want their governments to cooperate for a more coherent international tax system and that they trust tax professionals. 

New Zealanders are more trusting of politicians on tax than their G20 counterparts and are strongly supportive of tax incentives for retirement planning and green energy projects.

New Zealand needs to continue to develop and maintain an effective tax system which is in step with technology and changing business models; and with a key focus on international cooperation to eliminate tax distortions.