Exam method

Our exam methods explained

Depending on what exam you’re taking and where you are based, your exam may be taken by an on-demand computer based exam (CBE), a session CBE or by paper-based method.  To plan for success, you should be familiar with the method you’ll be assessed on before your exam day.  

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On-demand CBEs

On-demand CBEs allow for flexibility in your studies as you can sit them at any time of the year. Your results are displayed immediately at the end of the exam and uploaded to your account within 72 hours.

To book an on-demand CBE you do so by contacting an exam centre directly to arrange a time and date that suits you.

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Session CBEs

These take place during our four exam sessions and are booked using our online exam booking system.  Depending on the exam, you may be required to use word processing, spreadsheet and slide presentation tools - enhancing your employability skills. 

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As a Covid-19 contingency, for students based in some location we will be offering remote session exams.

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From March 2020, Strategic Professional exams in selected locations will be move from paper-based to session CBE method. 

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Paper-based exams

As we move to digitally transform all of our exams, we are gradually phasing out our paper-based exams.  These take place during our four exam sessions and are booked using our online booking system.

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