Practice tests

What are practice tests?

Practice Tests are an interactive study support resource, which will replicate the format of all the exams which are available as on-demand computer-based exams (CBEs).  They will help you to identify your strengths and weaknesses before you take an exam.

As well as giving you an insight into a live exam experience, Practice Tests will also provide feedback on your performance. Once you complete the test you will receive a personalised feedback diagram showing how you have performed across the different areas of the syllabus.

For more information on how useful the Practice Tests can be to your revision, watch our video for more details on this new resource.

How can practice tests help you?

Practice Tests are a great revision aid. They are developed to the same quality standards as live exams and will provide you with:

  • a realistic reflection of your performance
  • a personalised feedback diagram to help you plan and focus your final revision activity
  • experience of the exam environment, so you know what to expect in advance of a live exam.

Practice Tests are available online instantly anytime, anywhere and should be used once you’ve studied the full syllabus.

How do I get hold of them?

Practice Tests can be purchased and accessed via myACCA . You will be able to buy a single test or you can purchase a set of three tests for the same exam, costs of which are detailed below.

Please note: A set of tests means you will purchase three different practice tests for the same exam. This is not a set of tests for three different exams.

Computer-based examSingle testSet of three tests
MA1, FA1, MA2, FA2£5£10
FBT, FMA, FFA, BT, MA, FA£7£14

*FAB/AB exams are changing their exam codes to FBT/BT from late September 2020. Practice tests are now using the new exam codes.

Practice makes perfect and while the tests cannot guarantee success in the live exam, they are a great way to practise exam-style questions and identify areas that need further development.


We have put together a set of FAQs that will answer any questions may have regarding the Practice Tests.

If you cannot find the answer to your questions here, then contact ACCA Connect