The ACCA Global Forum for SMEs

The forum provides a unique platform for promoting the role of SMEs in the global economy. Representing over 15 countries and a wide range of professional backgrounds – from finance institutions, academics and professional advisers to entrepreneurs themselves – the forum represents the sector’s needs at a global level and facilitates the sharing of best practice.


Heather Smith (1)

Heather Smith, Managing Director, Anise Consulting

Heather is a management accountant from Australia who's really cracked the code on using Accounting Apps to make businesses work smarter. She's obsessed with how effective automation and integration can produce timely clean data, to surface information for informed brave decision making.

When she's not geeking out on accounting tech, Heather hosts a podcast called 'Cloud Stories' and runs a Xero Mastermind group where cloud accounting fans can swap ideas. She also curates an informative Accounting Apps newsletter and has even written a bunch of books on Cloud Accounting, including Xero for Dummies'.

Sitting at the intersection of accounting and content creation, naturally Heather is a strategic thought partner to leading AccounTech SaaS businesses worldwide.Heather's mission? She's committed to empowering businesses to embrace technology effectively, ultimately improving productivity and profitability. Connect with her at HeatherSmithAU on all social media platforms.

ACCA expert


Aleksandra Zaronina, Head of SME, ACCA

Aleksandra Zaronina is head of SME professional insights at ACCA. She develops research and advises on policy issues for ACCA related to SME/SMP (Small and Medium Enterprise / Small and Medium Practices).

Having previously worked for SMEs in pharmaceutical, transport and hospitality sectors, Aleksandra has hands on understanding of the needs and realities of the SME world.

Aleksandra has a strong international record and understanding of emerging markets. Prior to joining ACCA, Aleksandra dealt with various international organisations including the UN and regional integration projects of E&Y. As part of her work, she represented the sector at high level international events and developed joint research with Oxford Economics, Organisation of American States, UNECEa, etc.

Aleksandra holds MA in Development Studies from the Graduate Institute of International and Development Studies, Geneva.