Navigating regulation when setting up in practice

Explore our new hub for creating tomorrow's practice, today

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Our new hub for Creating tomorrow's practice, today has a section on navigating regulation when you're setting up your new practice. We have information and resources to help you get your practice up and running in the right way, including:

  • what you need in place before you start practising
  • what you need to know once you're practising
  • your ongoing responsibilities now that you're running a practice.

We’ve always had factsheets that provide the detail on the regulatory side, but now your fellow ACCA members and our partners have brought these to life with short videos on areas such as:

  • continuity of practice
  • notification requirements
  • practice structure
  • accounting to clients for remuneration received
  • client money
  • obtaining professional work
  • AML supervision.

Hear from them about what our regulations look like in practice.

The hub has further practical sections:

  • hear tips from other members and ACCA partners on how to set up the best practice
  • building a resilient practice – how to build your community and be mindful of your wellbeing
  • a checklist that you can use to manage your progress.

We hope you find our resources helpful – and we always welcome feedback on how we can improve the support that we provide.