What's more, because we're here, accountancy is a profession that anyone with drive and talent can join.

Delivering member value

Our members are trained to think critically and strategically. They are leaders in the organisations they work in all over the world, helping them to grow and prosper in an ethical, responsible way. They have the highest professional values and ethics that our brand reputation relies on. 

We invest in development programmes to keep our members at the top of their game. Those who carry the ACCA and FCCA designations share a commitment to behaving ethically and to maintaining their professional competence. Our research and insight makes sure they stay at the cutting edge of the profession. And we regulate our members, so employers know they’re working to internationally recognised standards.

Our qualifications

For members, our qualifications open doors to satisfying, strategic work all over the world. For employers, they're the hallmark of the strategic professionals they need to grow businesses and organisations.

At the heart of all the qualifications we offer is the ACCA Qualification. It delivers the cross-sector accounting and finance knowledge, skills and professional and ethical values needed in all organisations and every industry.

And because we know that flexibility is vital in the modern business world, we also add value with our suite of qualifications for the whole finance function. Developed by working closely with employers, they help to grow skills in specialist areas that businesses are looking for and need.  

Defining the future

We've created an international network including members, employers, academics and opinion formers. We tap into their insight and experience to identify and explore global trends and issues for business, economics, society and the profession as a whole. This allows us to create the accountant that our fast-changing world needs, and gives us insight that we share outside of our organisation.

Building our profession

We shape public policy, as well as demonstrating thought leadership in education, training and ethics. We work at local and national levels to share our insight and advice on proposed legislation. We also play an integral role in developing International Educational Standards.

We're present in key accounting forums like the International Federation of Accountants (IFAC), the Confederation of Asia Pacific Accountants (CAPA), the ASEAN Federation of Accountants (AFA), Accountancy Europe and the Pan African Federation of Accountants (PAFA).

Find out more about how we build the profession (PDF, 368 KB)

Adding value to society

The accountancy profession is crucial to keeping economies stable and helping them to develop.

We actively take the ACCA Qualification into areas of the world where it's needed for economic growth. We also work on a broad range of capacity-building projects to strengthen accountancy skills and infrastructure. We promote compliance with international standards across the world.

And we use our voice on both regional and global accounting forums to shape and strengthen our profession, now and for the future.

Protecting the public interest

At the heart of what we do is the belief that the accountancy profession can make the societies we live in fairer and more transparent. Through our collaborations with governments, employers, the international donor community and other bodies, we work together to boost trade, grow the investment climate, and make sure accountants all over the world are working to the same high international standards. 

Our partnerships

We've built partnerships throughout our history - they’re central to our ability to deliver our qualifications and services internationally.

Through our global network, students can study for the ACCA Qualification all over the world.

We have 17 joint exam partnerships with national accountancy bodies around the world that allows their trainees to qualify using the ACCA Qualification structure. And we're working with accountancy bodies in Cyprus, Malawi, Botswana and Zambia to establish joint continuing professional development programmes.

We also have more than 98 global partnerships with accountancy bodies, universities and international donor communities.

Our partnerships allow our members to work internationally, complying with regulation in marketplaces worldwide.

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