FAQs on ethics module service issues

EPSM/FIP/RPEM service update - 7 Sept 2023

Our ethics modules (EPSM and FIP) are now accessible for affiliates and students.

We are still working on a solution for:

  • ACCA members to access EPSM
  • Access to EPSM Direct for students on this qualification path.
  • Russian language students to access the Russian Professional Ethics Module (RPEM).

Thank you for your continued patience.

If I have already paid for my ethics module, is there a risk that I will need to pay for the module again?

No, there is no financial risk to anyone who has already registered for the module on the old platform.

If I am part-way through the module, has my progress be transferred to the new hosting platform?

EPSM users who were partway through the module have had their progress transferred for any fully completed units of the module. 

For FIP users, due to the additional units added the module, anyone who was partway through the previous version will need to restart the module.

I have submitted a RAP submission in May for the OBU BSc, but have yet to complete the EPSM. Will there be an extended deadline for completing the EPSM requirement?

For students who submitted a RAP between 1-10 May and who have yet to complete EPSM, you will have until 30 September to complete the EPSM.