Gareth Pinder

Gareth's LinkedIn profile

Before Gareth went into accountancy, he was a police officer – a role that provided valuable life experience and taught him how to deal with people at different levels. He studied accountancy at college on his days off before becoming a full-time accountant. Following roles at several different practices, the opportunity to run a newly acquired practice came up. 

The scheduled acquisition date for the new practice fell during lockdown which might have deterred some but fortunately the partner who recruited Gareth saw the opportunities to help clients survive the pandemic through the Government assistance schemes. So with a little push from Gareth, the acquisition went ahead. 

The practices have been very busy throughout the pandemic – clients still wanted accounts produced and many were able to continue working. Gareth has been busy implementing new systems across the two offices - which are at different stages of digitalisation - and getting the teams on board with the changes. Practices can grow – even in these difficult times - if you are willing to take the opportunities out there.