Purpose and the profession

This report explores the global challenge of improving social mobility and the role of professional accountancy in making it happen.

Over the last generation, the global economy's growth has made many people better off than their parent’s generation.

Although quality of life can be said to have increased for large parts of the world, many are still denied the opportunities for living well. And at a level down from a birds’ eye, 'absolute' view of the world, where some countries are now richer and others remain poor, there are still entrenched inequalities within countries rich and poor, advanced and emerging, that stop people from living fulfilled lives.

Purpose and the profession examines 'absolute' and 'relative' social mobility and the role the professions - and the accountancy profession - can play in enhancing upward mobility.

Through a survey of over 13,000 ACCA members and student the report goes on to examine the views of professional accountants and the importance they place on upward mobility. It also reveals that over half of respondents come from families where the primary income earner did not attend university or achieve an equivalent finance or accounting qualification, and so reflects the opening up of access to education around the world. The report shows that accountancy is an accessible and valued route into a professional career.