Approved Employer: Aztec Group

We asked Aztec Group why they chose ACCA's Approved Employer programme and how it's benefitted them

Why did you choose to become an ACCA Approved Employer?

We were delighted to become an ACCA approved provider, offering us the opportunity to better support our students with a more efficient means to not only book and pay for registrations, exams, and memberships, but also completing and submitting practical experience requirements, demonstrating CPD commitments and enabling us better visibility of each students exam achievements to both celebrate success and offer guidance on next steps.

How has this designation contributed to your organisation's success?

At an individual level, efficient processes allow students to focus on their exams and ultimately their career progression. For the group as a whole being recognised as an ACCA approved provider has been a great tool to demonstrate to the recruitment market that Aztec is invested and supportive of our employees and their professional development.

What specific advantages have you experienced in terms of recruitment?

As an approved provider we have been offered opportunities to join recruitment fairs, and advertise the Aztec Group through ACCA providing us new avenues and a greater reach to recruit new employees to join the Group.

In what ways has ACCA support helped you maintain high standards in professional development and training?

The consistent support offered by the ACCA team to ensure we are aware of new webinars, training sessions, round tables, and learning tools have enabled us to continually reflect and update our training agenda to ensure we maintain our commitment to the delivery of effective and valid learning experiences. In an ever changing legal and regulatory space the support of ACCA to highlight new learning platforms and content has been invaluable.