CBE Practice Platform FAQs for Learning Providers

Why can't I add a user I have previously deleted in error?

This is expected behaviour. However, the user can be reinstated if you email us the details at PracticeTestSupport@accaglobal.com. Please note, there is a five working day SLA and we may need to do additional security checks with you.

Why do I receive an error message when using the bulk upload users form provided?

This is usually caused by entering data in the wrong format or not populating the columns in the spreadsheet correctly. Please check against the guidance in the HELP document, and if you are still experiencing issues, send a copy of the form to PracticeTestSupport@accaglobal.com

Why can't I add a cohort to the bulk upload template?

The cohort needs to already exist or be created first from the user menu. This will require at least one student to be added manually. As part of that process a cohort key will be created which should then be used as the cohort ID in the bulk upload template.

Can Learning Providers create test students to see the student experience?

Unfortunately, it is not possible to create test student users. The student role ROLE_CANDIDATE can only be allocated to a user with a valid ACCA student number. Tutors can be given the ROLE_CANDIDATE_REVIEW role (alongside their LP-Tutor role) to have the overall student experience.  

What is the 'Anonymise' button displayed in the users page?

This is a GDPR specific feature. It allows admins to remove the details of a user if they request, for example, that they would no longer like their data to be stored within the platform. It removes all personal information from their profile and only their anonymized results will remain for reporting purposes. Please note - This CANNOT be undone so we advise using it only when a request has been approved for GDPR purposes.

Can question pools be deleted?

Question pools can only be archived, not fully deleted.

Why do I receive the 'Reference ID already exists' message when trying to edit and save questions?

You should be able to edit questions if the question 'Ref Auto ID' option is switched to ‘No’ within the question pool. You can find the question 'Ref Auto ID' by selecting ‘Questions’ from the menu, then ‘Question Pools’. Select edit to open the question pool and scroll down to ‘Question Reference’ where you will see the option to switch to ‘No’.

Within the question pool, also ensure the question permissions for the 'Review', 'Edit', 'Create' and 'Delete' boxes are ticked.


What is the relationship between 'papers', 'tests', 'assessments' and 'practice tests'?

Papers can either be assessments or practice tests and are determined at test level.  The test folder is either set for practice tests, or for assessments. When creating the test folder, you are asked to determine the type (practice test or assessment) from a drop-down list. Papers cannot be changed to one from another once set up – they must be recreated.

Can Learning Providers use the bulk upload of questions functionality?

Due to the complexity of the ACCA CBE question types, bulk uploading of questions isn’t currently available.

Should Learning Providers produce their own taxonomies?

No. Learning Providers should use the ACCA taxonomies as these are based on the ACCA syllabus. This means that when questions are tagged using syllabus areas, students will receive the correct feedback.

Are Learning Providers permitted to use ACCA exam questions to create exams?

Learning Providers can use ACCA exam content to create their own exam material. 

Why are question types displaying incorrectly when creating exam material?

This happens when using older versions of Chrome. The Platform supports the latest two versions of Chrome, but we would always recommend using the latest.

If a student is studying with two Learning Providers, how will they access the material associated with each institution?

Exams you create will only be available to students within your Learning Provider area. ACCA students also have access to the ACCA area which contains self-marked exams. In order to access the exams you have assigned, ensure your students select the correct Learning Provider area when they log in. 

If they want to access material from another Learning Provider, or ACCA, they will have to access that specific Learning Provider area. Content is not shared between Learning Provider areas.

Where is the option to switch on tick marking in the marking screen?

For tick marking to function, a rubric for the exam must exist. All exams provided by ACCA will come with a rubric attached. If you are creating your own exam, you will need to create a rubric - please refer to the HELP document for guidance on how to do this. If a rubric has been created for this exam you can switch on the tick marking mode toggle located at the top of the marking screen. This toggle will not appear if there is no rubric.

Can markers be added/changed once the marking process has begun?

All markers need to be allocated in advance of the marking process. If additional markers are added later, marking that has already been done will be erased and will result in a score of zero being allocated to the student.  

As the test owner, why can't I mark an exam that has a marking hierarchy assigned to it?

Once other markers have been assigned, the test owner will only be able to view a script until it has been assigned back to them for final review or escalation. 

What is the difference between the lead marker and general markers?

General markers are only able to mark scripts they have been allocated.

Lead markers have similar permissions to the test owner. Some examples of these permissions include: the ability to adjust the marking settings for the paper, have other markers assign/escalate scripts back to them, and oversee the marking process.

Why does the message 'There was an error getting scripts' appear on the marking dashboard?

This happens when no rubric is selected/created for the Paper.  ‘Rubric’ must be selected as the scoring type from the scoring type drop-down box in the marker set up page, or attached to questions as they are created. If a rubric has not been created, please refer to the HELP document for instructions on how to do this.

How do I release the results of the expert marked exams to my students?

Once you have completed marking the scripts, results can be released to students by clicking on the ellipsis button and selecting ‘Sign-off’ from the drop-down list on the marking screen. This will end the marking process for the script and display the result to the student on their dashboard. Please note – you must have switched on the sign-off toggle within the exam for this functionality to be successful.

Can Learning Providers access exams after results are released to students?

There is no way for markers to access scripts once they have been signed off to students.  The only option to retain a copy of the marked paper would be to manually save a pdf file of it before returning it to students.

How are students notified of their results?

Students can find the results of practice tests that have been self-marked or that have been marked by their tutor in the results tab. Please note if results have yet to be released for any assigned practice tests, they will show with a status of pending.

What support is offered?

ACCA takes reasonable steps to ensure that the platform is available and usable. However, given the bespoke nature of the solution ACCA cannot provide any guarantee that the use of the CBE Practice Platform or associated support services will be error free or meet the Learning Provider’s requirements. In the event of issues, ACCA works closely with our solution partners to try to ensure issues are resolved as soon as reasonably possible. Support is provided during normal UK business days and is accessed by emailing PracticeTestSupport@accaglobal.com. A response will be provided within 5 business days.