Are you ready for the new shareholder transparency rules?

Multiple-choice questions: In order to be awarded CPD units you must answer the following five random questions correctly. If you fail the test, please re-read the article before attempting the questions again

  1. What is the ultimate goal of the Shareholder Rights Directive (SRD II)?

  2. Which of the following do the increased transparency rules not require?

  3. Which of the following tasks do intermediary banks not have to do under the new rules?

  4. Which of the following is not a means of achieving more transparency of proxy advisers?

  5. What does 'say on pay' allow?

  6. What is the objective of the new 'say on pay' rules?

  7. Why is SRD II important regardless of how member states are already addressing shareholder processes?

  8. Which of the following is a concern about SRD II?

  9. How is the FRC reacting to SRD II?

  10. How many investors believed their organisation met the new SRD II requirements?