Building trust in tax disclosures

Multiple-choice questions: In order to be awarded CPD units you must answer the following five random questions correctly. If you fail the test, please re-read the article before attempting the questions again

  1. Explaining group corporate tax results clearly is important to -

  2. What are the two fundamental terms in Country by Country reporting?

  3. In order to make it easier for people to understand tax disclosures, companies should consider -

  4. 'Temporal differences' can occur when -

  5. A temporal tax benefit results in -

  6. The effective tax rate (ETR) indicator can produce confusing results if -

  7. What is the impact of latent timing mismatch on a group reporting rising profits -

  8. Which of the following is NOT usually a helpful way of explaining complex tax numbers?

  9. Which of the following statements is the most likely to be true?

  10. The complexity of tax disclosures means -