Asim Amin

Throughout my accountancy, finance and audit academic and professional certifications, I have always been strongly grounded in professional scepticism. What I enjoy in my career in Internal Audit is using my knowledge to apply that questioning mindset and critical assessment of audit evidence. I have come across a variety of business operations and have had the opportunity to meet with highly professional people from different domains of the business operations who are specialists in their career. This has led to me to develop a unique set of skills & expertise and a high degree of professional scepticism. 

Throughout my career, fortunately, I have been a core member of teams that have established an internal audit department in publicly trading companies of different industries & sectors where the most challenging things are the cultural changes, adaptability, and misconception of the internal auditor’s roles, responsibilities & accountabilities. The most effective way to accomplish the challenge of breaking the ice in these situations is by setting the tone at the top first and then cascading to the middle and lower management.