Sonia Shah
How did you come to be in Internal Audit?

Following graduation, I embarked on my professional journey in external audit at PwC. During this time, I pursued the ACCA qualification. Seeking a transition from traditional finance roles, I found my passion in the consulting environment. Leveraging my expertise gained from the external audit career, I honed my ability to assess systems, controls, and risks across diverse operational landscapes. This expertise proved invaluable as I pivoted towards sustainability consulting, where auditing plays a crucial role.

Reflecting on my career path, noting that while it hasn't been accidental, it has been a journey shaped by deliberate choices and experiences. The ACCA qualification has been instrumental in opening doors to diverse opportunities beyond the realm of finance alone. This foundation, coupled with my varied experiences in technology, manufacturing, pharmaceuticals, and financial services, has allowed me to carve a unique niche in advising firms on sustainability regulations not only within the UK and Europe but also globally. 

In my current role, I advise firms on navigating complex sustainability regulations while seizing responsible opportunities. Drawing from my extensive experiences, I approach client engagements by identifying and mitigating risks and empowering them to implement relevant controls effectively (a valuable skill gained in my audit career) and I emphasise the importance of implementing regulatory requirements effectively whilst ensuring that it is auditable.

My multifaceted skill set, shaped by my career journey and ACCA qualification, has not only propelled my current role but has also provided opportunities to serve on various Boards and Chair Audit Committees.

What do you enjoy about being an internal auditor?

What fascinates me about Internal Audit is its demand for innovative thinking. Today's auditors are challenged to think beyond conventional boundaries, crafting solutions that are not just theoretical ideals but practical applications for our clients' businesses. I derive immense satisfaction from the opportunity to actively contribute to shaping and enhancing clients' operations.  

In my current role, I engage with individuals across various organisational hierarchies, from the Board and C-Suite to middle management, as well as investors and other stakeholders. This dynamic interaction allows me to gain insights into diverse perspectives and effectively tailor my approach to suit different stakeholders' needs.

Embracing an innovative internal audit mindset enables me to facilitate meaningful conversations that are both relevant and impactful across a spectrum of roles and responsibilities.