New exam format for F4

F4, Corporate and Business Law underwent significant changes that became applicable from December 2014.

A full explanation of changes can be found in an article written by the F4 examining team (see 'Related links'). In summary, the changes are:

  • a change in exam format to include new question types (objective tests (OTs) and MTQs))
  • reduced exam time of two hours

In addition, F4 (GLO) and (ENG) were added to our suite of on-demand CBEs in 2014. Other F4 variants (that is, anything other than (GLO) and (ENG)) will continue to be offered in paper format only for the time being, but the structure was amended for all paper variants in December 2014 to ensure alignment with the CBE format.

Moving F4 (GLO) and (ENG) to the on-demand CBE model has allowed us to introduce added flexibility into our exam schedule. The aforementioned article fully explains how the knowledge tested in F4 can easily be tested through more objective style questioning.