Financial Management (FM) essentials on one page

What is FM about?
Financial Management provides you with the skills required to effectively manage the finance function of an organisation.

FM: an overview

Illustration of corporate objectives and stakeholder objectives, with 'effective finance manager in the middle, connecting to (on the left) 'key decisions', which are listed as financial objectives, working capital management, business finance, investment appraisal and business valuations. On the right of 'effective finance manager' are two-way connections relating to 'risk management', which are listed as approaches to risk management, foreign exchange risk, foreign exchange hedging, investment rate hedging and interest rate risk - illustrating the economic environment for business.

Steps to success

  • If possible, study with an approved learning partner and use approved content
  • Study the whole syllabus
  • Practice exam style and standard questions, to time, using the ACCA Practice Platform
  • Develop your skills in answering constructed response questions
  • Ensure you are competent working in the computer-based exam environment
  • Attempt at least two full exams under exam conditions, debrief your answers, then focus your revision on weaker areas.

Key resources

Tackling the exam

Section A (30 marks)

  • 15 objective test (OT) questions, each worth two marks

Section B (30 marks)

  • Three OT cases, each containing a scenario with five OT questions worth two marks each, 10 marks per case

Tips for answering OT questions

  • Read the question carefully
  • Think before answering, don’t rush!
  • Answer all questions even if unsure of the answer.

Section C (40 marks)

  • Two scenarios which relate to one or more requirement(s)

Tips for answering Section C questions

  • Plan your answer
  • Answer the requirement directly
  • Refer to the scenario
  • Break your answer up with headings
  • Be clear and concise, but ensure you develop each point in your answer
  • Attempt all parts of all questions.