Assumed knowledge and overlap with P3

P5 draws on knowledge from both F5 and P3. There are two key articles which you should read.

  • 'Moving up from F5 to P5' (see 'Related links') identifies key areas for you to refresh from F5 in preparation for P5
  • 'Guidance for P3 and P5 studies' (see 'Related links') identifies what areas are common between the two syllabuses but distinguishes between how the two exams will test these areas

In addition, the 'Not wearing your P3 head when taking P5' video (access the streaming video if you don't have access to YouTube) gives you further guidance on the differences between these two exams, ensuring that you don’t make the mistakes that students have made in the past – that is, by trying to use their P3 knowledge and approach in a P5 exam.

We discuss assumed knowledge in more detail as well as the interaction with P3 in the 'P5 effective study and exam technique' (access the streaming video if you don't have access to YouTube) and again you can watch the relevant part by starting the video about 12-and-a-half minutes in – this part lasts for approximately seven-and-a-half minutes.