Business payment support service (BPSS) and communication with agents

We have been made aware that agents may be experiencing difficulties in communicating with HMRC’s Business Payment Support Service. We are aware of instances where HMRC have been unwilling to talk to agents regarding payment plans agreed on behalf of their clients.

We have been advised by HMRC that the BPSS team do not have access to 64-8 information for taxpayers and are therefore often unable to verify agents over the phone. HMRC have advised us that they are looking to resolve this issue.

The BPSS team have been instructed to communicate with agents in either of the following circumstances:

  1. Where the agent is able to ascertain the exact amount of debt from their client and convey this to HMRC.
  2. Where the taxpayer calls HMRC with the agent present.

If you experience any difficulties in dealing with the BPSS, we would be grateful of you could make us aware of such instances, giving as much relevant detail as possible, by emailing us on