HMRC agent account managers

Good news for agents frustrated by HMRC delays

On the Technical Advisory helpline, we often receive calls from frustrated members who find that using HMRC's normal channels of communication can be challenging.  

Members often comment that it is impossible to get through to speak to somebody and, when they do, it can be of little benefit.  

We also know that corresponding with HMRC by letter can be difficult due to continuous backlogs of post; things that should be routine become difficult and time-consuming as a result.

Following consultation between HMRC and the professional bodies, the Agent Account Manager (AAM) service was set up.  

A key part of the service is to provide agents with 'a streamlined process to resolve ongoing problems more quickly', called the Agents' Issue Resolution Service', offering agents a helpful point of contact when the the normal communication channels have failed.

If agents wish to use this service, they are required to complete a short online registration process.

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