Applying for a CBE Licence

Before you apply for a licence

All prospective CBE centres must review the CBE Architecture and Overview Systems Requirements and CBE Licence Terms and Conditions documents before submitting an application.

Once you have downloaded and read the documents, and you are satisfied that your centre meets all of the requirements, you can apply for a CBE Licence to offer on-demand CBEs.

CBE Licence terms and conditions

Minimum technical requirements

The CBE Architecture and Overview Systems Requirements describes the CBE software and also outlines the minimum system requirements which must be met before applying for a CBE Licence.

Please note that the nominated Exams Coordinator has the responsibility to ensure a copy of this document is read by the IT department of the prospective CBE centre.


If you have any questions then please do not hesitate to contact the CBE Licensing team at

Apply for a CBE licence

Please note that the licence application must be completed by the Exams Coordinator/CBE Contact who is appointed by the centre to authorise the running of ACCA’s computer-based exams.