Over 8,000 professional accountants from 148 countries were asked about the concerns they held about working in the future, as well as aspirations for their careers. This publication highlights the views of UK respondents.

Over 600 individuals responded in the UK, from a broad range of sectors, enabling us to understand key UK workplace issues, such as employee engagement, well-being, and attitudes to technology adoption.


1. The inflation crisis fuels wage pressures

Rising prices are challenging employees and employers and putting pressure on wage demands and staff retention. The impact of inflation on wages ranks is the highest-ranked work concern identified by UK respondents.

2. Hybrid working gains traction in the UK

The UK is one of the most advanced regions in the world for high levels of remote and hybrid working. 80% either adopting a hybrid approach to work or being fully remote.

3. Mobility is driving a possible talent crunch

Accountancy remains a career choice with high mobility and wide job opportunities, but this presents retention challenges for employers. 58% expect to move to their next role within the next two years. 

4. Addressing burnout has to be a priority

Stress and mental health issues are evident across the workforce, particularly for younger respondents in our survey. 72% state that they would like a better work-life balance, with 41% stating they would like more support from their organisation in managing mental health.

5. Technology is empowering, but concerns prevail

Technology is key to adding value, but the pace of change for some is overwhelming, with 63% indicating that they would like more training in technology from their employer.

6. Inclusivity measures score well, but social mobility lags

Leaders are accessible and cultures appear inclusive, but many express concerns about social mobility. 73% believe their organisation is inclusive, while 32% of respondents believe that a low socio-economic background is still a barrier to progression in their organisation.