Certificate in Data Analytics (CertDA)


More than ever, business leaders need to be sure that the decisions they make are rooted in a deep understanding of the latest issues and trends. As organisations become ever more customer centric, it’s important that finance teams, as guardians of organisational data, are leveraging data analytics to provide the forward-looking insights required to support decision-making.

The ACCA Certificate in Data Analytics (CertDA) is aimed at business professionals who wish to develop their understanding of data, and the skills and techniques available for data analytics. Using real practical business examples, learners are able to develop an understanding of how data analytics and data modelling can be used to garner business insights.

Learners will learn about big data, the various sources of data, types of analytics, and become familiar with the range of tools and techniques required to extract, manipulate, interpret and present data. They’ll also learn about the need to be both sceptical and ethical when working in the data analytics field.

Many of the data tools introduced in the certificate are widely and freely available, such as spreadsheet or database software. Learners will also be introduced to popular statistical and programming tools such as SQL, R and Python, as well as an introduction to artificial intelligence and machine learning.

Learning outcomes

The CertDA will teach learners:

  • how to use commercial awareness to articulate business questions
  • identify and manipulate relevant data and deeply analyse it by applying appropriate techniques.
  • how findings from analysis can and should be visualised and communicated, enabling relevant stakeholders to make sound business decisions
  • learn and understand ethical security issues around data analytics.

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