ACCA Advantage: UK university programme

Get a step closer to achieving your dream role in finance and accounting with ACCA Advantage

What is ACCA Advantage?

ACCA Advantage is a programme designed to support UK university students in their journey from university through to professional employment.

ACCA Advantage gives you exactly what it says.  A huge advantage in finding and then making the most of job opportunities that come your way.

It connects you to ACCA employers seeking highly motivated and dedicated professionals. Providing you with the tools and opportunities you need to improve your employability skills and stand out in an extremely competitive and demanding marketplace.

Helping you get a job

ACCA Advantage helps you stand out from the crowd when you graduate by developing the employability skills you’ll need to attract employers and feel comfortable working in a professional workplace.

In today’s connected world, Advantage offers opportunities to link with ACCA employers through our work placement opportunities, which will not only enable you to gain valuable experience but also to understand what they’re looking for, tips on how to stand out and much more!

Together with our virtual work experience and the wide range of support available through Advantage, it will help set you up for success.

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