2. How to book

Remote exams are booked through Exam Planner. Watch the video below for a walkthrough of how to book.

Booking your remote session CBE video

Exam timetables

Visit our exam timetable page for more information on what exams are available and when these are scheduled to take place.

Selecting your exam start time

You will be able to select a preferred start time within a timeslot window based on your location (subject to availability).  During the booking process, the timeslot window will appear as TIME1, TIME2, TIME3 etc. after the exam name.  For example:


Depending on your location you maybe presented with more than one timeslot window.  For example:


The lower the number the earlier the timeslot is during the day i.e. if you select TIME1 the exam start times available will all be earlier in the day those available in TIME2.

Remote exam booking deadlines

Access our important dates webpage for more information on our exam deadlines.

Exam regulations and progression rules

The following exam entry regulations apply for session exams:

  • all deadlines for exam entry are midnight UK time
  • you cannot amend exam entries that were submitted during the late entry period
  • we apply progression rules to help students progress through the qualification. We recommend you read the exam progression rules before entering.
  • Booking and taking remote exams are only permitted in selected locations as shown in our exam availability page

By entering for exams you agree to be bound by the exam regulations and guidelines; and terms and conditions.

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