CBE platform support

Resources on this page will allow you to become familiar with the computer based exam environment and get the best out of the CBE Practice Platform.

Practice platform

The CBE Practice Platform is a free on-demand resource where you can practice using the live exam format, layout and functionality. The platform contains ACCA specimen and past exam content and you have the ability to self-mark your answers within the platform using marking guides and sample answers. It also allows you to track your performance giving you confidence that you are exam ready.

Why use the practice platform

How to access the Practice Platform

Practice Platform tour

Using the blank workspace

Assigning content to yourself

Managing your workspace

Using the scratchpad for Applied Skills OTs

How to access marking guides and sample answers

How to self-mark on the Practice Platform

Please note there are currently two or three temporary, minor differences between the Practice Platform and the live exam software. These are nothing to worry about, and there is an extra instruction screen in the exams contained within the Practice Platform which explains what these differences are. We’ve also summarised them in a PDF.

Guidance documents