Together, they develop our ambitious strategic vision. Council oversees our activities, making sure we deliver the objectives outlined in our charter, and our annual budget. The Executive team takes overall responsibility for delivering our strategic targets.

Our Council

Our Council is made up of 36 elected members - a diverse group of practitioners, professors, chief executives, chief risk officers, managing directors and finance managers, who come from 18 countries. Their knowledge, experience and cross-sector, global perspectives drive our strategy and ensure we lead the profession.

Council elections are held every year to make sure that we benefit from fresh thinking and new ideas.

Meet our current Council members

Our 2017/2018 officers are:

President - Leo Lee

Deputy - Robert Stenhouse

Vice - Jenny Gu

Our Executive team

Our Executive team is responsible for day-to-day management and decision-making, and our Chief Executive Helen Brand OBE reports directly to Council.

The team is made up of five high-performing people whose experience combines accountancy and strategic leadership. There are also two non-executive advisers on our Executive team.

Meet our Executive team