Certificate in Business Valuations

Who is it for?

The certificate has been created to cover all business valuations from small to listed companies. It has been designed to appeal to small- to medium-sized practitioners, as they are the most likely to need to develop, validate or refresh their knowledge and application of business valuations, but the certificate will suit those who:

  • are new to business valuations or are planning to work in the field
  • are currently working in the field and want to further their understanding
  • are seeking a top-up to an existing professional accountancy qualification
  • have an educational or vocational background in business valuations and are hoping to gain formal recognition for their knowledge and skills but don’t currently hold a professional accountancy qualification.

Continuing Professional Development (CPD)

As the Certificate in Business Valuations takes approximately 20 hours to complete, it could count towards almost a whole year’s worth of verifiable CPD for our members. For more information on CPD for members please see the CPD for members area of our website.