Ignition supporting ACCA members with engagement letters

See an example proposal, which helps bring this process to life


Ignition has worked with the ACCA practice and technical team to help demonstrate to members how the ACCA engagement letter works within their software.

Practitioners tell us how time-consuming creating engagement letters and client proposals are for them – not to mention the attention to detail which is required to make sure that you are compliant and error free!  

To help bring this process to life, Ignition has created an example proposal that you can preview to understand how this industry engagement letter terms look within Ignition software. As the ACCA compliant terms are already loaded into the Ignition software, you can set this as your default in your terms library, then create your Ignition proposal and send it to your client in minutes. Your terms are automatically added, so the scope of the engagement is clearly outlined in your online proposal and professionally presented to your client. 

As ACCA works closely with Ignition to ensure the terms stay up to date, you must have a valid and active membership with us in order to access the templates. 

View the example proposal.

Ignition is one way to save you time and stay compliant. You can also read more about our engagement letters with our factsheet.