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Welcome to the dedicated space designed to connect the people that make up the small and medium practice community. The Practice Room is about sharing, supporting, asking for advice and offering each other help - we leave our egos at the door.

Feel free to make yourself at home and prepare for a series of discussions presented to you by our community hosts. Our aim is for you to get to know our hosts as people - just like you - with opportunities to connect, chat, ask questions and share any thoughts.

And just like you, our community hosts are trying to navigate their own way through an extraordinary period in history, so please treat the time and insights they are sharing with us respectfully. Meet our hosts and browse the upcoming sessions.

We would also like to invite you to join our Practice Room LinkedIn group to connect with your peers, share knowledge and useful resources, participate in the discussions and learn from each other. 

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Community hosts

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Find inspiration in our SMP success stories and discover how other practices are helping their clients thrive.

Damien Skeete, Barbados

Damien Skeete, one of ACCA's Practice Room hosts, based in Barbados, discusses why it is important to celebrate the International MSME day and how the international SMP community can help economies recover.

Heather Smith, Australia

To mark this year’s MSME Day, Heather Smith, one of ACCA’s Practice Room hosts based in Australia, discusses what the global SMP community can do for SMEs worldwide in their recovery from the Covid19 pandemic

Robert Belle, Kenya

Robert Belle, one of the ACCA’s Practice Room hosts, based in Kenya, reflects on MSME Day and why global SMPs are a safety net for SMEs worldwide

Alastair Barlow, UK

Alastair Barlow, one of the ACCA’s Practice Room hosts, based in the UK discusses the importance of the SMPs driving recovery and growth of small business sector to celebrate MSME Day