The Early Careers Ambassador Commitment

We are thrilled you have chosen to represent our profession on behalf of ACCA to young people across the UK. This type of advocacy work is extremely important as it contributes to our UNSDG commitments (4,5, 8 & 10) and core value of inclusion, whilst also ensuring we’re attracting more diverse young people and supporting the hiring needs within the profession. 

Working with schools, colleges, university and other partner organisations does require a level of commitment and there are some expectations around this type of advocacy work.  Whilst the role is voluntary, it is important that ambassadors:

  • respect the partners such as schools and universities we are working with and endeavour to carry out every commitment we have agreed to.
  • If for any reason the commitment can no longer be carried out, ambassadors must let the event organiser (and Early Careers Manager if it is an ACCA organised activity) know ASAP and provide a suitable replacement in the form of another trained ambassador.
  • In similar instances to the above, ambassadors must be prepared and willing to step in for each other in the unlikely circumstance that another ambassador cannot carry out the commitment. 

Early Careers Ambassador Launch Call

Safeguarding best practice

It is important that we carry out this type of outreach work, ambassadors are aware and respectful of the responsibility that comes with working with school and college pupils under the age of 18.  Under 18s are considered a vulnerable group and so when attending or taking part in any activity with young people under 18, safeguarding has been considered and the appropriate actions have taken place. 

You must:

  • Find out from your main point of contact at the institution what the safeguarding policy is and ensure you are meeting all the requirements (e.g. do they the require you to have a DBS check, or do you need to make sure you’re never left alone in a classroom without a staff member present).
  • If the activity is online, the same care and diligence must be taken. For example, it may be that the organiser will not allow you into a breakout room without another staff member present who is DBS checked or Safeguarding trained for that organisation.
  • Check whether sharing your LinkedIn information is accepted by the institution before sharing any personal information such as this.
  • If there is any down about safeguarding protocol before taking part in an early careers event, please do not hesitate to reach out to the Early Careers Manager with any questions.