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Since 2008, AMLCC has enabled 1000s of UK accountants, bookkeepers, auditors and tax professionals to pass their supervisory visits. 

As an ACCA member, you get 20% off a standard AMLCC subscription.

The benefits of using AMLCC

Interactive templates for your firm-wide risk assessment and firm policy can be tailored to your business and stored online. 

AMLCC also features multiple entity-type risk assessments to make the onboarding process quicker, easier and more focused. 

Online firm and client risk assessments provide guidance and mitigation advice. You can add comments to show your actions.

AML training videos give every employee and senior manager strong, up-to-date knowledge of AML rules and regulations. Who has taken this training, and their test results, are saved to your audit trail.

When you have a visit from your supervisory body, your entire AMLCC data is available for them to access whenever they request to see it – access can also be granted remotely

Using the AMLCC SAR tool, employees can make an internal SAR through the platform. They are guided through the process and prompted to provide all the information you’ll need for the NCA.

Your AMLCC subscription includes:

  • Profiles for 1 MLRO and 3 users (additional users can be purchased)
  • Profiles for an unlimited number of clients & entities
  • MLRO and employee training videos & tests
  • Audit trail for all training
  • AML policy & firm-wide risk assessment
  • Client risk assessments & optional reusable client profiles to speed up the process using the risk-based approach.
  • Audit trail for every change to your AML policy and risk assessments
  • Suspicious activity reporting & audit trail
  • Sanctions compliance (optional)
  • Biometric and Equifax checks (optional)
  • Guidance and mitigation within risk assessment templates
  • Automatic legislation updates
  • Document storage & management
  • Free software support line


Richard Simms, MD of AMLCC, is both a regulated professional and a leading authority on anti-money laundering. Working with accountancy regulators and their practicing members, Richard used his unique professional insights to create AMLCC in 2008.