There are times when problems can arise in practitioner-client relationships. By setting out terms of engagement, which clearly state the exact terms of agreement, you can avoid legal disputes later.

We have free factsheets available on our website containing engagement letters that members can use.

However we believe that the future of this area lies in the integration of payment, money laundering requirements and engagement letters into a single onboarding process so we have partnered with Practice Ignition who can offer their product with ACCA templates. You can have a free trial of their product by registering using this link.

Factsheets available for immediate download

Download our free Technical Factsheet Engagement Letters for Tax Practitioners and Technical Factsheet Engagement Letters - Accounts production. Both include a client covering letter with a privacy notice, a terms and conditions document and various schedules of services.

These letters do not reflect the CV19 services provided to clients. ACCA has produced a schedule of services for these .